The Naperville Area Chamber Political Action Committee (NACPAC) has offered endorsements candidates seeking election in the November 6, 2018 General Election. To make its endorsement decision, the members of the board of directors requested that candidates conduct a personal endorsement interviews and return a candidate questionnaire.

The Board of Naperville Area Chamber PAC released the following statement of endorsement of Grant Wehrli for Illinois House District 41:

“Grant Wehrli has kept his word to the community that he would strongly fight against tax increases, pension abuse and wasteful spending in Springfield. We are fortunate to have Grant on the front lines, energetically championing economic reforms, advocating for commonsense budgeting and pushing back against harmful regulations. For the ability to always count on Grant Wehrli’s principled and strong leadership for our community, he is endorsed.”

Connect with Grant:

Twitter: @GrantWehrli