The Board of Directors of the Naperville Area Chamber Political Action Committee has offered endorsements to candidates running for local office in the April 4, 2017 Consolidated General Election. To make its endorsement decision, the NACPAC board invited all candidates to submit a written statement and sit for an individual interview session. The 2017 endorsed candidates are:

Naperville City Council. Four Year Term. Four Openings:

Kevin Coyne, incumbent City Council member (’15), attorney with focus in small business and real estate issues;

Mike Isaac, member of the City’s Financial Advisory Board and a successful small business owner; and

Dr. Benny White, incumbent member of the Indian Prairie Board of Education, retired Army field artillery officer, and member of the City’s Police and Fire Board of Commissioners.

While there are four openings for City Council, the Chamber PAC Board could only reach consensus on three candidates deserving of its endorsement this cycle.