Mike Isaac is a member of the Financial Advisory Board and a successful small business owner.

NACPAC offered the following statement of endorsement for Isaac:

“Mike Isaac will ensure that the City continues to live within its means, responsibly regulate businesses and residents, and foster balanced economic growth. He’s a proven job creator and an astute business owner, experience desperately needed in government.

“Isaac is keenly aware of the City’s finances through his service on the Financial Advisory Board and willing to hold the line to keep budgets balanced. As a business owner, he also understands that the reach of local government regulations should always be grounded in common sense and fairness.

“Isaac embraces the reforms and consolidation necessary to reduce the growing cost of government and is committed to making Naperville a great place for the next generation. Isaac is endorsed.”

Connect with Mike:

Website: www.isaacfornaperville.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/IsaacForNaperville