Dr. Benny White is a retired Army field artillery officer, incumbent member of the Indian Prairie District 204 Board of Education, and current member of the City’s Police and Fire Board of Commissioners.

NACPAC offered the following statement of endorsement for White:

“Dr. Benny White is a patriot and public servant. His perspective on local governance is refreshing and focuses on the aspirations of what the community wants to be – not where it is today. It’s a stark contrast to policy by personal preferences.

“As an incumbent on the District 204 Board of Education, White has a record of being accountable to the community and encouraging innovation in the public sector. During his service on the Board, in reaction to Illinois’ budget woes, the District cut spending, while improving educational outcomes. He’s a proven reformer and understands what it means to manage to a budget while increasing results for taxpayers.

“White’s style of leadership would be a welcome addition to the City Council and help the Council reach the best outcomes as it overcomes the challenges ahead. White is endorsed.”

Connect with Benny:

Website: www.bennywhite.org

Facebook: www.facebook.com/bennywhite6