Bob Fieseler, Sr., intellectual property and patent attorney, board member with KidsMatter, and former member of the Naperville City Council.

NACPAC offered the following endorsement of Fieseler:

“Bob Fieseler is well known to the community and was an effective member of the City Council for two terms. The community would be well served to elect him to serve on the Board of Education, whose board is undergoing significant change.

“Fieseler knows how to manage budgets and push government to maintain high outcomes through his service on City Council during difficult fiscal times. He was one of the most accessible members and hardest working members of the Council, and we’re confident he will bring that attitude and work ethic to the Board of Education.

“There is a stark contrast in the temperament, knowledge of the issues and vision for the District between Fieseler and his challenger. In the election for the two-year term, there is no comparison. Fieseler is endorsed.”

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