Kristin Fitzgerald is an incumbent member of the Board of Education (’13), and a former congressional staffer, including a position as staff for the U.S. House of Representatives’ Committee on Education and the Workforce and community volunteer.

NACPAC offered the following statement of endorsement for Fitzgerald:

“Kristen Fitzgerald has been an outstanding member of the Board of Education and is a passionate advocate for students, educators and the community. With a background in education and workforce development policy, she has improved the Board’s decision making.

“Fitzgerald has been a tremendous asset on the Board, never losing site of the mission to make sure every student achieves their potential and leaves the district ready for the challenges of a complex society and economy.

“There will be no shortage of profound challenges ahead for public education from Springfield and Washington over the next several years. Fitzgerald’s passion for our community is only outdone by her educational policy expertise, which is crucial at this time of change on the Board. Fitzgerald is endorsed.”

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